Sunday, 10 February 2013

DNS (Domain Name System) record types for IPv4

DNS (Domain Name System) record types for IPv4

DNS Record Type
DNS Record Meaning
Start of Authority
IP address of a host
Mail Exchange
Name Server
Canonical name
Host description

SOA DNS Record Type
SOA DNS record gives the name of primary source of information Name Server’s Zone, the e-mail address of administrator, serial number and flags and timeouts.

A (Address) DNS Record Type
A (Address) DNS record type holds 32-bit IP address of a host. It is the most important record type.

MX DNS Record Type
MX (mail exchange) DNS record type holds name of the host prepared to accept email for a domain.

NS (Name Server) DNS Record Type
NS (Name Server) DNS record type holds values for name servers.

CNAME DNS Record Type
CNAME DNS record type holds alias names. For example; for email address xyz name has to be specifies as a CNAME record for domain.

PTR DNS Record Type
PTR DNS record type points to another name, its interpretation depends on the context in which it is found. IT Associate a name with an IP address to allow lookups of the up address and return the name of the corresponding machine, also called reverse lookup.

HINFO DNS Record Type
HINFO DNS record type are used to find out what kind of machine and operating system a domain is corresponding to.

TXT DNS Record Type
TXT (Text) DNS record type allow domains to identify themselves in arbitrary ways.